Trinkets and Treasures is located in sunny Arizona.‚Äč

We Bring you premium cultured akoya oysters. In each oyster is a beautiful one of a kind pearl. Join one of our online openings or open and discover your pearl in your own home. Invite your friends, family, co-workers and make a night of it with us ! You can always buy more oysters separate that way you can change the pearls in your jewelry. (you're not stuck with just a pearl like other competitors). However on wheel spins , jenga or trinket bags if you win just oysters, there are very nice pendants to choose from at a fraction of the cost of other sellers and parties.

These are REAL cultured pearls.

* We no longer give a estimated value on pearls, we are not gemologists and will not guess as to the value, however they can range from $20.00 to over $50.00 . Many factors go into valuing a pearl, size, nacre , color. If you are wanting to know value any jeweler can estimate your pearl value , we would love to hear the results if you choose to have it appraised.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction! For any questions, problems, or concerns feel free to contact us.